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Senator Rory J. Respicio today issued the following statement:

The crime of sexual abuse of children can harm and traumatize its victims for their entire lives. We not only need to combat this crime but also ensure that our laws allow victims of sexual abuse a reasonable recourse to seek redress through civil action. I fully support Senator Frank Blas Jr.'s Bill No. 326-33 (COR) to remove the statute of limitations on civil suits regarding sexual abuse of children. I am committed to working with Senator Blas to ensure that at tomorrow’s Rules meeting, this important legislation is on the agenda for next week’s legislative session.


He reminds Guam National Guard members and Reservists that they’ve got 180 days after deployment to renew driver’s licenses and other government permits.

August 15, 2016- Most Guam families have a strong connection with the U.S. military, including active duty members and veterans, but members of the National Guard and Reservists have faced particular problems in coordinating the frequent deployments in recent years with their employers back home.

A legislative resolution was presented Monday by Senators Rory J. Respicio on behalf of Senator Tina Rose Muña-Barnes proclaiming August 15-19 on Guam as “Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Week,” recognizing the efforts of the Guam-CNMI Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) as well as the Government of Guam in helping to smooth the disruptions caused by the demands on these military members. Senator Frank B. Aguon, Jr. was also present at this presentation.

Dave Sablan of ESGR said the organization seeks to educate employers about their obligations to deployed persons, first and foremost, making sure they’ve got jobs when they return, and that the effort is working. “I want to say, Senator, that over the past eight years, we’ve gone from about 50 cases a year of problems between service members and their employers and we’re down now to about 12 per year,” Sablan said.


August 10, 2016– Senator Rory J. Respicio introduced Resolution No. 433-33 (COR) which calls on Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo to exercise all means necessary in order that the Department of Homeland Security and its Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency implement the deportation of “all foreign habitual criminals” from Guam.

This would include all foreign criminals convicted on Guam of crimes “in violation of the Compacts of Free Association and other treaties as well as laws of Guam and the laws of the United States.” Citing the burden on the local community in form of crime and strain on law enforcement resources, Respicio stated that its time the federal authorities step up and carry out deportations of habitual foreign criminals that were admitted under treaties entered into by the federal government.

Resolution No. 433-33 (COR) states that DHS has “consistently neglected to adequately enforce” provisions of these laws and treaties with foreign governments, as well as local Guam laws.